The Egyptian Sudan (in Two Volumes), Vol.i por Ernest A. Wallis Budge-

Ernest A. Wallis Budge- - The Egyptian Sudan (in Two Volumes), Vol.i

Ernest A. Wallis Budge- - The Egyptian Sudan (in Two Volumes), Vol.i

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Ernest A. Wallis Budge- con Libros The Egyptian Sudan (in Two Volumes), Vol.i Gratis

The Egyptian Sudan is a detailed account of early travels and archaeological missions to the Sudan in Egypt. The two-volume series contains illustrations and explanations of the dig sites and artifacts excavated, the history behind the pyramids and temples explored, the history of the region itself, and the details of the actual trips to Sudan and the scientists who took them. A wonderfully explicit and precise series for anyone interested in archeology and Egyptian artifacts, The Egyptian Sudan is a must-read. Volume I contains information on the travelers and archeologists who explored the Sudan, descriptions of the first through the fourth missions (1897, 1898, 1903, and 1905) and illustrations and descriptions of the pyramids and artifacts found. SIR ERNEST ALFRED THOMPSON WALLIS BUDGE (1857-1934) was born in Bodmin, Cornwall in the UK and discovered an interest in languages at a very early age. Budge spent all his free time learning and discovering Semitic languages, including Assyrian, Syriac, and Hebrew. Eventually, through a close contact, he was able to acquire a job working with Egyptian and Iraqi artifacts at the British Museum. Budge excavated and deciphered numerous cuneiform and hieroglyphic documents, contributing vastly to the museums collection. Eventually, he became the Keeper of his department, specializing in Egyptology. Budge wrote many books during his lifetime, most specializing in Egyptian life, religion, and language._,


  • Título Del Ebooks: The Egyptian Sudan (in Two Volumes), Vol.i
  • Autor: Ernest A. Wallis Budge-
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 23.08.2014
  • Género: Historia
  • ISBN: 9781616404574
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 3.40MB
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

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